Hot Seat Game Words

Hot Seat Game Words. This is a classic way to develop word association and description. Heads up , reverse charades , who am i , where am i , things they might say , consequences and what just happened.

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The student sits in a chair facing his or her classmates and with his or her back to the board or chart. This variation need not involve scoring. You may want to create your own hot seat esl game word list.

The Person In The Hot Seat Can Ask 20 Questions To Guess The Word.

This variation need not involve scoring. Put someone on the hot seat, set a timer, and ask away! The other player has to stay in the hot seat until they are first to answer correctly.

Once This Setup Is Done, You’ll Be Ready To Play This Group Game.

For example, if the word was “bus” your students could say things like “it has wheels”, “you can ride it to school”, “it’s yellow” etc. The student in the hot seat listens to their team mates and tries to guess the word. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Heads Up, Reverse Charades, Who Am I, Where Am I, Things They Might Say, Consequences And What Just Happened.

The hot seat is located a few feet in front of a chalkboard, whiteboard, or chart. On the whiteboard put one slide. They cannot use certain words (written on the slide).

The Student Also Should Have A Clear View Of The Class Word Wall.

Then post a list of the questions for the game. Set up just one 'hot seat' and have a player write any word on the board. The aim of the game is for the students in the teams to describe that word, using synonyms, antonyms, definitions etc.

Place A Chair In Front Of The Board, Facing The Class.

The person in the hot seat can ask 20 questions to guess the word. The first hot seat student to say the word wins a point for their team. The person in the hot seat has 5 chances to guess the word before their turn is over.

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